Friday, November 6, 2015

So long, Dick.

"Nice laptop, Timmy. A gift from Ohio taxpayers, I mean your charter school."

Justice would be this man being investigated and tried for fraud, mismanagement of public funds, and criminal negligence against Ohio's school children. However, men from his social standing don't get punished for their crimes, they get a fat retirement check and a comfortable home in a homogenous neighborhood in an affluent suburb of the state capital.

As it stands, this champion of failing charter schools and their mismanagement of millions in public dollars, supporter of the abusive 3rd grade reading guarantee, accomplice in the privatization of public schools, leader of the roll-out of two excessive, inappropriate and wildly unnecessary standardized testing systems...not to mention the wholly intrusive albatross that is the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, co-author of The Youngstown Plan, and accessory to the manipulation of charter school data in the interest of channeling bonuses to Republican friendly charter school sponsors...this guy, gets to ride quietly into the sunset of a second retirement.

Lesser men are jailed for these offenses, at least publicly shamed. Ohio Schools Superintendent Dick Ross will be profusely thanked by all of his crooked friends who currently hold an office for everything he's done for Ohio's children.

Bullshit. Thanks for nothing, Dick.


  1. Well said! I couldn't agree more

  2. Well said, sir. Why is it that teachers in Atlanta are facing serious prison time for cheating on tests to save their schools and jobs, (not saying that was the right thing to do), and white corrupt politicians/education appointees in Ohio get away with cheating and scheming for financial gain using tax dollars to privatize education at the expense of a whole generation of kids..?